Tracing Endometriosis History in Your Own Body

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Did you know your body has a language? Take a look at my history, do you have similarities, or your own unique set of symptoms to trace?

My Own Tracing...

  • Tonsillitis constantly as a child (tonsils=immune system)                           
  • Very intense colds and flu's
  • Constipation far back as I can remember
  • Heavy periods from the get go (age 14)
  • Acne at puberty, also, heavy sugar consumption
  • Antibiotics for one year!! Yikes. Used for acne, age 17
  • Lump in breast (age 22) Lumpectomy performed
  • Yeast infections constantly
  • Bad pap smear (age 24) Cryosurgery
  • Endometriosis discovered (age 30) surprise-surprise         
  • Sinus infections
  • Surgery for endometriosis (age 32)
  • Failed surgery endometriosis returns immediately
  • Are you seeing a pattern?!! See me ignoring the voice?
  • Terrible colds lots of antibiotics
  • Yeast infections still happening
  • Lupron (pharmaceutical drug for endometriosis)
  • Age 36 complete turn around with help from a professional in Natural Medicine
  • Went to University to become a Clinical Nutritionist and dedicate my career to women who suffer from endometriosis

What Signs have You Forgotten About?

Give yourself a few weeks to come up with all your history, you will be surprised what old signs you may have dismissed. You are looking for any past health issues no matter insignificant they seem. Symptoms you would not consider connected to endometriosis are usually the very beginning of the problem. Example, ongoing constipation, or anxiety, or lots of colds and antibiotic use. Disease does not start as a "disease", it starts as small symptom in the body that we ignore or cover up with quick fix such as a drug or surgery.  Not realizing the symptom is the body's way of saying, "Hey, there's a problem here and you need to address it."  When we cover it up with a prescription we quiet the voice…for a little while. Since we never really fixed the problem the body now has to ask in another way -- another symptom, perhaps we ignore that signal too, soon the breakdown and requests for help become too loud and we are soon diagnosed with a full on "disease". Had we addressed the problem promptly there would be no signs of disease and we would have a healthy body.

The language of your body becomes louder as your illness progresses. Yet we mask it with surgeries and medications, instead of listening and asking oneself, “What would you like me to change?”

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