A Program to a Healthy Balanced Body

Trace Your Symptoms...

This is a comprehensive personalized program. Each person has their own unique set of symptoms and each client is treated individually. The object is to bring your body back into balance. Through detox supplements (not vitamins) and food education you are able to change your biochemistry; this allows the body to rebalance. The supplements I use detox and drain a specific organ. There are also supplements that have a scavenging effect on the endometriosis and help with the breakdown of the deposits. This is not a program about vitamins. A comprehensive evaluation determines your unique program.

Your Pace and Education

Your own set of symptoms will determine where to start. As symptoms are relieved and your biochemistry balances your program will change. With each meeting your diet is touched on,  you learn how different organs work and what the effects are when they are off balance. We talk about detox supplements and pH balancing, how to fix a bad pap smear, yeast infections and a variety of other subjects. Hopefully, by the time you leave the program you have a good base knowledge of the importance of recognizing the flags your body gives you and having a a good fundamental understanding of nutrition and “disease”. There are no strange diet requirements and there are no lifelong supplements you must take.

Download Questionnaire

*You may call for a free consultation about your individual case. *

The program starts with a questionnaire you can download on the Getting  Started page. Once the paperwork is filled in email or mail it to the address provided on the Getting Started page. 

Once you make an appointment, we meet (over the phone), due to this website the majority of my clients are long distance, and appointments are handled over the phone. Whether we meet at the office or talk on the phone you receive the same treatment and have individualized care.

If you are interested in this program please call or email me at the above phone number or email at the address below.

Email Linda: naturalbody@me.com

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