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Questions on the Program, will it work for you?

Q: Can I get rid of my endometriosis with one supplement?

If that were the case I think endometriosis wouldn't be around. With my education and years of experience I bring a deep understanding of how endometriosis develops and grows. Along  with organ specific detoxes (never a full body detox!!) I will educate you on why and how the detox works in your body and further educate you on how the body becomes derailed and how to prevent disease in the future. 

Q: If I change my diet will the endometriosis disappear?

A: This is a misconception. If caught in very early stages it is possible. However, the majority of cases of endometriosis have settled deeply in the body and takes deep cleansing or detoxification of specific organs to remove the toxic deposits. Nutrition is touched on at every appointment but is not the main topic.

Q: Can I actually remove the endometriosis from my body without surgery and prescriptions?

A: Yes. Given the first opportunity, your body will begin to reverse its course and breakdown the deposits of endometriosis. The reversal is called autolysis, the ability of your body to remove and/or eat away at unnecessary deposits. At the moment, your body is lacking the tools and energy to keep up with the build up that is occurring. With my help you can bring you body back into balance. 

Q: When is the best time to work with this program?

Anytime is fine. However, the majority of my clientele seeks out the program during spring and summer. This is a time of high energy and activity for everyone and its a great motivation to mend your body during the beautiful warm weather. Winter is a time you naturally go into a hibernating state. It is also a great time to detoxify too, then you are in good shape for summertime! Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall this program will be there for you.

Q: Does the type or brand of supplement I take matter?

A: This is probably the most important part of the program -- correct supplementation (not vitamins). Store brands are good, but do not have the power to move your body through the healing phases as deeply or quickly as desired. Having a professional with high quality professional supplements who recognizes your individual needs will allow you to reclaim your health safely.

Q: Will I really get rid of my symptoms?

A: Yes. You have lived with pain for so long it's difficult to imagine life without it. As each symptom disappears human instinct reacts with an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude. As each issue is put to rest you begin to focus on the next hurdle, reflection is momentary, the mind/body does not look back and dwell on old issues.

Q: Will I have to take supplements the rest of my life?

A: No! Once your body has cleared the endometriosis, and you have shifted your diet into a healthier state, you will longer need supplements.

Q: How long will this take?

This is the number one question asked. My answer is the more you put into this program the quicker you see results. By the end of the first month most clients see a change. Everybody has their own unique set of symptoms, if you follow the program by six months you should see major changes or even a balanced state. Someone who is single with no children will move faster than someone who is married with 2-3 children.

The objective is to bring your body into balance. Through supplementation and food education you are able to change your biochemistry; this allows your body to rebalance. Removing endometriosis by changing diet alone can take years before results can be seen. With gentle supplementation and monitoring, your program will change as your health progresses, creating an accelerated recovery.

This program gets to the heart of endometriosis. What you leave with is a feeling of self-empowerment and a new found approach to your health.

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