My Story and How I Overcame Endometriosis

My Personal Story of Overcoming Endometriosis

On reflection, I suspect at about the age of 25 I had enough symptoms to labal myself with early stages Endometriosis. From my first period at age 14 I was plagued by very heavy periods.  I can’t remember a period that didn’t involve the words “Super Plus” on the box. It wasn’t until my late twenties I noticed changes in my cycle. My heavy periods graduated to include heavy clotting, exhaustion, and pain during ovulation. Ouch!

At about the age of 30 and at the start of my marriage, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Life spiraled down very quickly from there. I had many ultra-sounds to monitor my ever-expanding ovaries. After a few years of trying to deal with the endometriosis I lamented and had surgery to remove my endometriosis. The doctor performed a laparotomy (same type of incision as a C-section) and discovered my endometriosis was all over my intestines, cul-de-sac, and had impacted the inside of my ovaries. My ovaries were 3-4 times their normal size and was causing great pain each month during ovulation.  The doctor removed the endometriosis from my ovaries. She told me she laid my intestines out on a table to try and pick out all the remaining endometriosis. In the end, she said there were too many small deposits and she would use a drug for the last bits remaining.

Useless Surgery and Medications

I was immediately put on Lupron. At the time, this drug was not quite out on the market, and I had to sign (my life away) saying I agreed to a variety of possible side effects. I didn’t really understand that I was part of a test group for  the drug. They hadn't yet discovered Lupron devastates the calcium in our bones...irreplaceable. Not knowing this, I stayed on Lupron for 6 months and watched my fingernails and toenails deteriorate rapidly. Lupron puts you into false menopause so you have no periods, allowing the endometriosis to dry up. After a 6 month free of periods it was time to go off the Lupron. My very first period after Lupron was very painful with no difference than past periods! 

The Doctor Couldn't Believe It

I called my physician and said I didn't feel good. She said it couldn’t be endometriosis as we had just completed 6 months of Lupron, she said it was scar tissue and not to worry. The next month the pain was back again. To quiet me down the doctor ordered an ultra-sound. When she received my results she told me she literally ran to the Endocrinology department and said "how can this be?" The endocrinologist looked at my ultra-sound and told the doctor "There are some people you just can't help." All my endometriosis was back and even worse than before the surgery.

I was told it's now or never if you want to try and have a baby. I went through a miscarriage, but became pregnant again (don't ask me how) and I delivered a healthy baby boy. Breast feeding typically prevents you from having a period. As soon as I stopped breast feeding my painful periods came back and I found myself on the bathroom floor in agony. My physician told me to prepare for a hysterectomy. My case was very aggressive -- like a freight train out of control. 

A New Friend Saved my Life

Soon after I went to visit a new girlfriend, Kathleen. She is now my closest friend I have ever had. This was a life changing moment in my life. I sat in her car complaining of my endometriosis woe's, when she turned to me and said, "You should go see my nutritionist, she'll fix you." Well, what else did I have to loose? My uterus was on the line. I had tried homeopathy for a year, but it never worked deep enough. Nutrition never occurred to me. Didn't I eat right? How hard is it to figure out food? Do I really need someone to tell me how to eat?

Specializing Beyond Nutrition

What I didn't realize was some nutritionist's have specialties. Let me repeat that. Some Nutritionist have Specialties. Well, after 3 visits with her nutritionist I knew I had struck gold. It all finally made sense, my mind was opened up to a whole new way of viewing the body. It wasn’t all about food, there was so much to learn and understand how the body really works internally. I made an agreement with my nutritionist that I would remain on a birth control pill for 6 months, since my endometriosis was growing rapidly it was all I could do to contain it, and I was too scared to stop my birth control pill for fear of the pain returning. She agreed to work on me while on the pill.  At the end of 6 months, with a lot of trepidation I went off the pill. My endometriosis was gone! My doctor said, "Whatever she is doing tell her to keep up the good work."

Back to School I Go

This was such a life changing event I decided to follow in the footsteps of my nutritionist and applied to the university she had attended. Five years later I had a B.S. in Clinical Nutrition and during the five years of school I honed in on endometriosis as my own personal study emphasis. I finished healing my own body and along the way learned much more about detoxification and specific organ depletion.

I have been endometriosis free for 18 years, and no, I do not have any signs or symptoms of the disease. I do not take supplements to prevent the endometriosis from returning. I eat a balanced diet and like most of us enjoy dessert when given the first opportunity.  

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