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Messages from Former Clients

Here are a few letters/emails I have received from past clients. 

This is a voicemail I received from a client from years back, who from time to time contacts me with news. Any part of the message I left out only contained personal information…..

Hi Linda, 

This is "Kelly", I was your patient from several years ago and you spoke to  "John" who was my interest at that particular time and who is now my husband, and I wanted to share that with you. I know he had spoken to you several times about my endometriosis. I just wanted to give you a call to see how you were doing and to let you know how we are doing. We are actually married now and have to two children a girl and a boy, we are really excited  and I just wanted to touch base with you and I did want to thank you. You know, the wonderful thing is we recently chose to have my tubes tied, when they tied my tubes, I asked them to look for my endometriosis and they took pictures and everything, and I just wanted to share with you that the endometrioisis is gone. So I thought that was good news and of course I wanted to share that with you as well. Hope to talk to you soon hopefully.



Hi Linda, 

Just wanted to thank you and give you an update on my health. I feel great thanks to you and all your help.


Kristine G.


Hi Linda,

I am not sure if you remember me, you helped me out a couple of years back doing a cleanse for my endometriosis issues.  I wanted to first off say thank you, I have not had any issues with endometriosis since then!  I also wanted to see if there was any way to do a follow-up cleanse?  I have been under a little stress at work and feeling drained, was wondering if there was any supplements that I could take that might help?  I wasn't sure if you were still taking patients or not.


Emily -

My name is Brenda and I found Linda’s website and contacted her for help in May ’05.  I started her program of detoxification and nutrition advice in June of ’05 until Feb. of ’06, when I discovered I was pregnant!  My health started to go noticeably downhill in January of 2003 until I was finally diagnosed in November of that year with endometriosis and had surgery to remove the adhesions.  I was still feeling unhealthy, losing weight and struggling with pain and fatigue. My weight for most of my adult life was over 145 lbs (a little too much) but d by May of ’04 I weighed only 95 lbs which was much too thin. Another doctor put me on a strict candida diet which helped to some degree. but it was not until I contacted Linda and was into her program for a few months that I was seeing a positive difference in my health and started to gain some weight.  About nine months into the program I discovered I was pregnant!  I was also 43 years old and never been pregnant before.  November of 2006 I gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy and I’m feeling great!  I know it was the Linda’s program that helped make the difference plus continuing to eat and live healthy!  I’m so thankful for how God provided after such an ordeal! 

I started working with Linda last fall, and since I live in PA, I've been a long-distance patient as well.  Quite honestly, even though I've never met Linda face to face, she has been a great help to me.  Luckily, I did not have severe Endometriosis; however, in the mornings I would often wake with cramps, and after jogging, I would suffer from major cramping.  The course Linda provided for me was to change my diet, which was more unhealthy than I thought, and to take some supplements to allow my body to purge excess toxins, etc.   

Over the past four to five months, I've noticed a positive change.  I no longer wake up in pain nor have I had pain after jogging.  I don't know if the process would take longer for more severe cases.  For the "office visits," I would call Linda and we would go over the initial test results, discuss any changes in my body, and Linda would explain new things to be aware of:  basic nutrition, hints for shopping, how the body digests food, etc.  I found it to be very educational.    

I have suggested Linda to several people because I've been happy with the results.   In fact, I am strongly encouraging a good friend of mine who suffers from IBS to give Linda a call. 

I wish you all the best--Endometriosis is not an enjoyable condition to have.

Amy in PA

To Whom it May Concern:

    After extensive testing and exams my doctor's had diagnosed me with endometriosis at age 31. I didn't know if having a baby would be possible. I had many painful symptoms as a result of the endometriosis and one time I ended up in the emergency room from a chocolate cyst rupturing. My symptoms included irregular periods very painful periods, painful intercourse, fatigue, and cysts. I tried going on birth control pills to try and manage the endometriosis, however it didn't work for me. I was at the point of having surgery until I received an email regarding Linda Wagner's Nutrition services. Because there were no guarantees that surgery would cure endometriosis I called Linda and set up an appointment. At the time I lived in Highland Ranch, Colorado and the drive to see Linda would be an hour. I decided that my time my health and my money would be worth it in the long-term scheme of things! I was right! 

I ended up seeing Linda about 15 times over a nine-month period of time. It was tough in the beginning to change and incorporate more nutritious meals and food that provided energy into my everyday life. However, my energy level increased a lot once I added certain foods and eliminated other foods into my diet. After a few months my cramps had decreased and there was absolutely no pain during intercourse. Linda had also recommended different herbs, which also helped increase my energy level. My initial goal to seeing Linda was just to feel better and if I became pregnant in the process it would be a bonus. Well, I felt better only after a few visits and I became pregnant after nine months. I now have a lifetime of knowledge on what nutritious foods I need to eat. I am  forever grateful for what Linda had taught me and for the baby my husband and I will have to enjoy.


Shanen  in MI

I received the following card from a client I had not heard from in some time. (Eva first came to me with endometriosis and numerous cysts on her ovaries that kept rupturing.) When I read the note I quickly pulled Eva's file and counted back to the last had been exactly 8 months.

Thank you for your help and time with the endo. I am happy to report that we are expecting a baby boy in one month. Thanks again for all your help during that especially trying time.

Take care,

Eva in California

Dear Linda, have taught me a lot, lots of useful information, and you gave me hope in one of the most difficult times ever. Thanks for sticking with me as I over-analyzed my aches and pains too! You can count me as one of your success stories!


Laura in TN

To Whom It May Concern:

I had laparoscopy for endometriosis for the second time in November last year. The diagnosis was severe, stage 4. The doctor recommended me Lupron for 3 months, which I did. At the same time I had many mixed feelings about the of "Western medicine" to endometriosis and me following this path, I felt very uncomfortable about taking drugs that were altering my hormonal system. And didn't think it was working for me. (While in Lupron I was still experiencing pain).

I was running out of options...I made a search in the web for different approaches to treating endometriosis. Now, I can only say; thank you Linda that you are out there, for sharing your experience and knowledge. For giving me my health back. Also thank you because you are fair and honest.

After about six month treatment,  I am now having my menstrual periods pain free or without bowel issues. I believe Linda's program helped me not only with the endometriosis condition, but also in improving my general health and boosting my immune system. I recommend following her program, under her supervision, to anyone. I even would like to do it again in a couple of years or when recommended. The same way we take our cars for maintenance every X miles, our body needs the maintenance too.

Good luck to you and take care.

Esther in TX

Just a Note about Seeking Pregnancy

Let me make it clear that I spealize in Endometriosis.  Your main goal in this program is to seek a well balanced endometriosis-free body. If you reach the goal of pregnancy it is an added bonus. Please remember with a healthy well balanced body pregnancy becomes easier, but is never a guarantee with this program. 

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